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Protech Tracked Post Knocker – Our 7 Highlights

The Protech Evo Tracked post driver is an incredibly versatile fencing machine. Not only does it make light work of driving posts it can be used for rolling out and straining wire, transporting materials tools and equipment.

Using a tracked post driver will allow you to achieve higher outputs with reduced labour and running costs.  A one-man team can complete more than 250m of stock fencing in a day benefiting from the 7 Protech Evo tracked post knocker highlights below.


Highlight 1 – Improved Safety and Manoeuvrabilty

The safety of you or your teams is the number one consideration when working on fencing contracts and using a tracked post driver is safer than a tractor-mounted driver.

The likelihood of accidents is reduced as you are the sole operator of the machine so your safety doesn’t rely on good communication between the operator and tractor driver.

The Protech Evo Tracked post driver is smaller than a tractor and a lot more maneuverable and makes light work of a wide variety of terrain and ground conditions. The expanding tracks can widen to reduce the risk when operating on steep slopes and the Telemaster allows you to operate under low trees or in tight spaces much easier than a tractor-mounted machine.

Protech Evo Compact on a slope

Highlight 2 – Reduce Physical Lifting and Carrying

The Evo comes with middle and front carrying bays that store up to 120 fence posts.  At 2.5 m spacing that is enough to do a 300 m fence!

One of the biggest benefits of this machine is to be able to walk next to it, spacing the posts along the fence line as you go.  This reduces carrying of fence posts as materials are to hand, stored on the machine. This is especially useful on challenging terrain.

Protech - Front Loader with Fence Posts

Highlight 3 – Increase Post Knocking Rate

The Protech Evo has 120 degree slew allowing you to get access to almost every post with minimal adjustment of the machine.  You can simply steer the machine down the fence line and knock each post in as you get to it.

Highlight 4 – Complete Netting and Wires Quickly

The wire roller allows you to pick up netting rolls (100 m-500 m rolls up to 1.2m tall) without handling them.  Once unrolled, the netting can be quickly tensioned by using a boundary clamp and the remote-controlled winch.

To complete stock fencing the machine has an attachment for rolling out up to 4 rolls of barbed wire at a time.  If you need more then excess wire and netting can be transported on the machine so it’s easily to hand when you need it.

Highlight 5 – Reduce breakages and Ground Damage

Use either the rock spike or auger to create pilot holes to prevent post damage/breakage on hard ground.  Especially useful for large strainer posts.

As it is lighter than a tractor and spreads the load over a greater surface area a Tracked post driver reduces the ground tracks, leaving your client’s ground a lot neater than a digger or tractor.  This is especially true when the ground is wet after heavy rain.

Protech - Front Loader with Fence Posts

Highlight 6 – Reduce Fuel Consumption

A Protech Evo tracked post driver uses less fuel than a tractor-mounted knocker – particularly useful when fuel prices are so high. Running a tracked driver for a day uses 8-10L of fuel compared to 50l – 80l of fuel a day operating a tractor-mounted knocker.


Protech - Front Loader with Fence Posts

Highlight 7 – Hire with a Stockade Staple Gun

 There are a lot of staples to be put in when erecting a fence. A Stockade staple gun speeds up the process reducing labour time and costs.

You can hire a staple gun from us together with the staples for it.


Hire Stockade Fencing Gun


Hiring a Protech Tracked Post Knocker can significantly increase your efficiency and reduce all fence erection processes to a single-man operation.  Include a nail gun and netting clamp in with your hire and you have the perfect set of fencing machinery/tools for your next job.

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